January 17, 2019

{SMART WORKS Charity & the Duchess of Sussex}

The Duchess of Sussex announced in early 
January four patronages as she combines love of 
women's empowerment, animals and fashion.
The one that especially captured my
fashion-world-background heart was
SMART WORKS is a charity that offers 
interview clothing and coaching to unemployed 
women with upcoming job interviews. 
In five years the SMART WORKS team
saw 11,000 women and 60% of those women got jobs.
The duchess, Meghan Markle, was "on the job" 
on January 10th at the west London headquarters 
when she was announced patron of the charity.
However, Meghan visited the organization 
several times over the last 12 months assisting
several women transform their lives.
Royal patronages bring invaluable publicity 
and fundraising opportunities to charities 
and community organizations in Great Britain.

January 9, 2019

{O, For a Little Whimsy and Wisdom...}

...and now you have it!
My dear friend (and wise woman extraordinaire!) Terri Crosby has just published her first book, 100 Words: Small Servings of Whimsy and Wisdom to Calm the Mind and Nurture the Heart...and it does just that. A gift to the world, to you, to your friends...share the love! xoxo