August 31, 2022

A Remembrance of the Heart

photo by Mario Testino

Twenty-five years ago today a princess died and the world was never the same. Diana's heart-centered, deeply feminine sensibility was preparing us for changes to come...changes of the heart. From the Introduction of my still-in-progress book, The Spiritual Mission of a Princess....


We are in a most remarkable moment in history. Feminine wisdom, suppressed through the ages, is reclaiming her respected place in global culture—and in the human heart. Many have championed its re-emergence—that more compassionate, inclusive, tender side of ourselves—and many have been met with pointed resistance. But the female creative spirit can be denied no longer, the forgotten beloved now has a name, and the power of a woman’s gift is poised to bring the world back into balance.

photo by Mario Testino

Historically, there have been royal archetypes, far from being perfect human beings yet seen as “messengers”—some thought to be divinely guided, their roles designed to help light our paths, even playing a part in shifting consciousness, resetting human potential, and, as with one such messenger, Diana, Princess of Wales, representing the return of a womanly presence, a heart’s vision, or as she called it, simply the need for “a woman’s touch” in a hard-edged world. In this pivotal, between-the-worlds time of universal changes, of feminine wisdom rising, it’s the perfect moment to explore this celebrated life through a different lens, a lens focused on the heart as a way to capture Diana’s true legacy—and how it interweaves with the story of all women—then set alight her spiritual mission in us all. 

photo by Mario Testino

Was Diana Spencer Mountbatten-Windsor’s life, in Shakespeare’s princely words, about “cracking open a noble heart”—and with her death, our own? There are times when someone’s true influence and contributions only become known when we take a step back to see a broader view of what that life awakened in the world. And we’re now living in that awakening. Carried by a bold feminine impulse, we are being transported into a new future, into a higher order of relating, being connected with something precious and intimate within us to share with each other…something we only dared to ever imagine.