December 17, 2009

{Don't Go Down the Aisle Without One!}

Dear Bride-to-Be:
Let’s have a serious girl-to-girl chat! As modern and savvy as you are, you know that sometimes “old-fashioned” is the way to go, yes? So be sure to have a “serviceable” handkerchief with you during your wedding ceremony. It’s perhaps the most sensible and practical thing you can do on your wedding day: for tears, a runny nose, damp palms, or for dabbing his moist brow. Trust me . . . don’t go down the aisle without one!

In the days when I had my designer bridal store (where I always kept a stock of “best-selling” pretty vintage handkerchiefs), I went to hundreds of weddings. And the most frequent “mistake” I saw was a bride at the altar without something to discreetly take care of a runny nose. (And you don’t need an “extra hand” for your hankie. Just tuck it into your palm for easiest access.)

Part of our “feminine smarts” is to be able to take care of the little things gracefully and the big things with some clever planning. These practical—and sometimes old-fashioned—things (like having a hankie in hand) can add ease and comfort to nervous times . . . and make a beautiful bride even more beautiful.

Love. Listen. Let go.
....with love from Cornelia

[Photograph by Julie Mikos]

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