September 29, 2010

{Paying Attention To Love}

Dear Bride-to-Be:
During the busyness of wedding planning, there are lots of things to pay attention to -- yes? Let me remind you of one more...but this one will make all the other tasks easier and simpler! Pay attention to how you are breathing -- your inhales and exhales. When we're busy and rushing about, we usually take short, fast, shallow breaths (which makes us more tired.) Taking deeper, slower inhales and longer, softer exhales will relax you on the spot! Try it right now...slow, easy, deep, relaxing breaths.

Here's a little secret: When you pay attention to your breathing, you are also paying attention to love. How does that work? As you pay more attention to your breaths -- slowing it all down and taking deeper, softer breaths -- you are more at ease...your mind becomes quieter as your body relaxes. And as you relax and let those noisy thoughts just drift by, the world around you becomes quieter and you get closer to the true feelings of your can feel what your heart is telling you. Listen in....

In the quiet and ease that comes with paying attention to your breathing, you are more available to express love and acceptance...and let more love in. Like magic. (And a little icing on the cake: When you realize how much better it feels to slow down and breatheeeeee, you also just might realize that you can accomplish more and take care of yourself better while you're doing it!)

Now isn't that worth paying attention to? Okay, deeeeeep breaths....

Love. Listen. Let go.
...with love from Cornelia

[Photograph: Brian Wagner]

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