December 29, 2010

{Tune Into Your Body}

Dear Bride-to-Be:
Do you want to know a great way to let go of the tensions that build up while juggling your life during your busy wedding planning time?  Dance! Just get up and move your body...

When you have a little alone time, turn down the lights, light aromatherapy candles or burn incense, and get your kundalini energy flowing!

Play lush, sensual music that you can feel in your body. (Here's a tip to start: With your eyes open or closed, and without moving your head, look down to the right...that will get you tuned into your body...then begin moving your hips…)

Feel the music in your body? Allow yourself to let go into the kinesthetic experience of it all! Breathe in the natural fragrances of your aromatherapy candles .... and let their scents delight! Create a sensuous, moving meditation—in sweet surrender, finding the pleasure of your own company. (Other times, invite your partner to join you!)

This will relax and invigorate....refresh and stimulate! It will cook up your creative and intuitive it's just fun. Keep the love flowing....

Love. Listen. Let go.
...with love from Cornelia

ps: Since you're enjoying this "aromatherapy, brides, and weddings" will continue in the NEW YEAR! See you then....

[Photograph: Marianne Taylor, London]

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