February 23, 2010

{Tending to Your Heart}

Dear Bride-to-Be:
Sometimes it’s hard not to lose yourself when planning your wedding. There are so many distractions vying for your attention that not only can it become rather daunting—making you a bit dizzy, but you can also lose your connection to your relationship.

So how do you keep your cool, your heart open, and your attention on what matters? Before you look “out there” at the smorgasbord of choices, look inside to get centered.

Just taking some deep, easy breaths and slowing down for a few minutes when you feel the swirl coming on makes a huge difference in your well-being—and in his! Remember that “energy follows attention,” so keep your attention on the things you love. And of course, your relationship is at the top of the list. (That’s your relationship with yourself as well as with your partner.)

When you’re tending to your own heart, you are tending to his. When you are tending to his heart, you are tending to your own.

Love. Listen. Let go.
...with love from Cornelia

[Photograph: Sarah Merians]

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