April 9, 2010

{Regal Spirit}

Dear Bride-to-Be:
Have you selected your wedding gown yet? Are you wearing a tiara or special headpiece in your  hair? When you’re all dressed up in your bridal costume, do you feel like a beautiful goddess...or a regal princess...or something out of a fairy tale...or simply deliciously feminine through ’n through...or perhaps strangely “not you”...?

My friend Adele Azar-Rucquoi, who wore no wedding gown nor crown but a white silky blouse and flowing pants with a wide-brim straw hat, was a joyful bride at fifty-nine and the essence of the regalness of spirit. Walking down the aisle toward her beloved, she shares this remembrance in her book for women, Money as Sacrament: “One by one I made eye contact with my friends, grinning until my face hurt. Never have I seen them from so regal a place!”

Perhaps it’s not what you wear on your wedding day but how you wear it. So wear it well, you beautiful Goddess Bride! Allow yourself to feel your regal femininity down to your toes, taking pleasure in your unique feminine ways of being compassionate, kind, and strong. And remember, a Goddess Bride always keeps her heart open.

Love. Listen. Let go.
...with love from Cornelia

[Photograph: Courtesy of the University of South Alabama Library]

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