May 13, 2010

{Leaving Blessings in Her Wake}

Dear Bride-to-Be:
Wearing a gown with a train has such a fairy tale quality. I enjoyed watching brides-to-be trying on gowns in my former shop as they twirled and turned in front of the mirror, craning their necks like some exotic bird attempting to see how their train magically draped and “puddled” behind them.

During this “mirror ritual,” I shared a pretty notion with each bride, embellishing a quote from former editor-in-chief of Bride’s magazine, Barbara Tober: The train of the gown is an extension of the presence of the bride . . . on her wedding day she moves amongst her friends and family, leaving blessings in her wake.

(Close your eyes and slowly breathe that lovely image deep into your heart.)

Weddings offer many opportunities to leave loving blessings trailing behind your bright aura! How do you intend to make your wedding a ritual of love for everyone present?

Love. Listen. Let go....
...with love from Cornelia

[Photograph: David Willems]

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