February 8, 2015

{Couture Brides & You}

Claudia Schiffer in
Chanel Haute Couture 1994
Dear Bride-to-Be
The perfect wedding dress,” explained Eleanor Thompson in The Wedding Dress: The 50 Designs That Changed the Course of Bridal Fashion, “is not only a dream for a bride but often for designers, too—a chance to realize their conceptual objectives and express the highest levels of their craft.” The author explores show-stopping one-off gowns “designed for the runway rather than the church aisle” that became the design touchstone of a particular era.

A recent article in Vogue Daily, “Fashion’s Most Outrageous Couture Brides,” becomes a visual walk along decades of fashion catwalks to show how “haute couture exists somewhere in its own otherworldly sphere, which lies between tradition and experimentation.”

Yves St, Laurent
Haute Couture 2000
All this to say that in the immensely creative spirit of a famous couturier in Paris or Milan or London lives the “origin design” of your wedding gown! Bits and pieces of inspiration from these sometimes outrageous designs all trickle down to the rest of the wedding world—showrooms, shops, salons—and in the misty swirl of white silks and laces and fairy tales, you find your perfect dress!

Whatever you are wearing on your wedding day—a designer gown or something borrowed from your best friend—add your own heart-full magic and goddess vibe and be a vision of beauty in your own right!

Love. Listen. Let go.
….with love from Cornelia

ps: Bits and pieces of this post borrowed from my just released book, The End of the Fairy-Tale Bride {Volume One} For Better or Worse, How Princess Diana Rescued the Great White Wedding. Available at Amazon.com.

[Images courtesy of VogueDaily]

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