April 20, 2015

{A Downton Abbey Wedding}

Dear Bride-to-Be
Couples choose the site for their wedding for all sorts of reasons: sentiment, religious beliefs, intimacy, prestige, to get away from the world, or perhaps to include the people in their world with elegance and grace.

An article in Town and Country magazine recently shared: “What It’s Like to Get Married at Downton Abbey.” With beautiful photographs and text, it showed the splendor this particular American couple chose to incorporate into their English countryside wedding weekend, including using grand historical sites.

Wherever your heart takes you for a wedding location, whether humble or opulent, chose where you feel an intimate sense of place—inclusive of others, expansive of spirit, and a place that fills your heart with the joy of coming home.

Love. Listen. Let go.
….with love from Cornelia 

[Images courtesy of Town and Country Magazine] 


  1. it is best venue !! wish i could be remarried there

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  2. I fully agree with your thoughts. I also want to book some venue like this for my parent’s anniversary. I am thinking to plan a small family party at some banquet halls in Chicago. We recently migrated here and not sure which would be best option for us!