April 6, 2011

{The Intimate Wedding}

Dear Bride-to-Be:
A lot has been written about how intimacy is missing at weddings these days. In a special feature titled, "The Spectacle of Matrimony," Jacki Lyden of NPR News described it this way: "Weddings are increasingly notable for their amazing lack of intimacy, their evolution into industry....they've evolved into must-haves and appointment-list mega-spectacles."

Okay. I know that planning a wedding is a busy-busy time: growing to-do lists, details to handle and then handle again. You want your wedding to be beautiful -- you want to be beautiful -- so, of course, you put attention on your dress and hair, the flowers and food, the photographs and favors...the special trappings of a wedding that we all love.

But sometimes "relationship" gets left out. That can sound like an oxymoron given that why people are getting married in the first place is about, well, relationship! Brides can get so caught up in the frenetic swirl of "planning" the wedding, that sometimes not only do they get lost, but their connection to their partner gets lost -- or at least a bit strained -- and intimacy is squeezed out.

So no wonder that intimacy is missing at the wedding ceremony if it goes missing in your connection to your partner and family -- the real heart of the matter of weddings, yes?

Slow down, take a deeeeep breath, relax, feel into your heart, listen to its message, and recalibrate your priorities. (Those details can wait for awhile!) Then go give some love pats to family and friends and that sweetie of yours! (They've missed you.)

Love. Listen. Let go.....
....with love from Cornelia

[Photograph: Missy McLamb]

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