March 30, 2011

{Be a 'Royal' Couple}

Dear Bride-to-Be:
Of course most of the world knows about the upcoming royal wedding. I enjoyed reading how Prince William and Kate Middleton have set up a "Charitable Gift Fund" as a way to share the abundance of their day with various charities that are dear to the couple.

Which lead me to think about "regular couples" (well, at least not royal) and the whole notion of engagement and wedding presents in our materialistic culture. We're all aware how commercial weddings have become with so much focus on appearances, "gift registries," and a planning-by-formula mindset. And we've all experienced how this can diminish the intimacy of the wedding celebration.

The background of giving wedding gifts was a way for family and friends to support a young couple to have some essentials to begin their life together. Now I understand modern couples may need similar support and "things" to set up housekeeping...and I'm not suggesting that you cancel your gift registry!

But taking a lead from William and Kate (even though your income level may not be linked to the riches of the British monarchy) perhaps consider some kind of "charitable gift fund" of your own. Like suggesting, if someone is so inclined, to donate to your favorite charity in lieu of sending a gift to you.

Now isn't that what love's all about?

Love. Listen. Let go....
...with love from Cornelia

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