November 5, 2009

{Blue Forget-Me-Nots}

Dear Bride-to-Be:
Flowers are important to brides not only for their beauty, but flowers seem to speak an irresistible language of love. For instance, folktales abound with stories of the romantic blue forget-me-not . . . the delicate flower that seems to reflect the color of the sky. In the charming language of flowers—where meanings are assigned to flowers and herbs—the forget-me-not speaks of human longing for loyalty and lastingness. No wonder that through the ages, poets speak of this captivating flower assisting people in having their heart’s desire.

What is your heart’s desire? Ask yourself that question, especially whenever you feel a little “off” . . . and be honest, be loyal to yourself. If your desire is hard to express, then look deeper and let whatever is in your heart spill forth like so many forget-me-nots from a secret garden! What shows up may not only get you back on track, but something deliciously abundant will grow from it.

Maybe all flowers—whatever you choose for your wedding—are “forget-me-nots” ... a sweet reminder to share our love! Give love away, and your heart’s desire magically appears.

Love. Listen. Let go.
...with love from Cornelia

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