November 17, 2009

{The Woman Revealed}

Dear Bride-to-Be:
“ ‘My veil was magical. And so simple. Just one layer of tulle about six feet long. It floated in the wind as I walked down the aisle,’ ” a bride expresses in the charming book The Bride Revealed. When I had my bridal art-to-wear store years ago, I encouraged a bride to wear a veil—it seemed to complete the ritual of her costume, and I knew she would love how it made her feel.

I also liked how wearing a veil created a rather ethereal quality, bringing a lovely stillness to the bride’s presence, supporting her inner transformation. As I dressed and fitted brides in the intimacy of my shop, I shared this impression: Imagine the bridal veil as representing the mystery of womanhood. Wrapped in a gossamer cloud, the veil reveals the woman!

Then some enchantment would always follow. As I attached a veil to the headpiece in the bride’s hair, I watched closely as she turned to her image in the mirror. Her eyes widened, her face softened, her heart opened and then a little gasp as she looked at her reflection, like some long lost recognition remembered.

What would you like revealed during this rather mysterious and womanly rite-of-passage you are moving through? It’s a journey into a deeper part of your true self . . . just imagine the possibilities to be “unconcealed.” Look inside to your awareness. Your heart’s desire is waiting to speak to you.

Love. Listen. Let go.
...with love from Cornelia

[Photograph by David Willems]

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