November 20, 2009

{The Essence of Rituals}

Dear Bride-to-Be: Have you thought about the rituals you're using for your wedding ceremony? Perhaps some are part of your family or community's customs, or a practice of a particular religious service, while perhaps others are traditions you've read about and want to incorporate into your own ceremony.

The essence of rituals comes out of the ancient past from early cultures where one’s life was deeply connected to nature and the spirit world. They may come from the past, but rituals are alive and creative, full of energy as vibrant as what you’re willing to put into them. The magic is not the ritual itself but where it takes you. And that journey is within.

“The origin of rituals overlaps our own origin to the beginning of the human story—to the core of what it is to be human,” scholars declare. When we participate in these ancient rituals today, we tap into the essence of our own origin. Even in our consumer-driven, frenetic technological world, rituals—when used consciously—are a way to stay linked to our true inner nature.

Learn about rituals, see what resonates with you, and choose from your heart.

Love. Listen. Let go.
...with love from Cornelia

[Photograph by Jason Hudson]

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