November 10, 2010

{Being a Radiant Bride}

Dear Bride-to-Be:
“A naturally fragrant bride,” according to well-known aromatherapist Valerie Ann Worwood, “is one with inner calm and outer radiance, and one that uses aromatherapy and fragrance to enhance the whole bridal experience.” Author of Aromatherapy for the Soul, Valerie Ann knows a thing or two about various aromatic concoctions to pamper a busy bride into relaxed bliss! (You deserve it.)

It’s important to have some relaxing time to balance the bustling pace of wedding planning time. (In my experience of working with thousands and thousands of brides, a more relaxed bride is a more beautifully radiant bride!) So to soothe the soul of a busy bride, Valerie Ann offers this reminder: Your own bathtub can become a relaxing bridal spa. “One of the best ways to relax is in hot water. Water is comforting and soothing, as well as relaxing,” the aromatherapy expert says and offers a wonderful recipe for an Exotic Sensual Milk Bath:

•    Add one teaspoon Coconut milk and one teaspoon Coconut oil and two drops Ylang ylang or essential oil of your choice.  Mix together and add to your bath.

•    Then light a calming aromatherapy candle, perhaps listen to some meditative music, and sooooak in all the fragrant delights!

Ahhh...sounds like a simply delightful and easy way to refresh -- and be on your way to being a radiant bride! Enjoy....

Love. Listen. Let go....
...with love from Cornelia

ps: Mountain Rose Herbs is a wonderful source for your aromatherapy concoction supplies.
pps: This is the second in a series of “brides, weddings, and aromatherapy”...tune in next week for another new “fragrant” post!

[Photograph: Josie Miner]

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