November 24, 2010

{Soothing & Naturally Scented}

Dear Bride-to-Be: 
Do something soothing and fragrant and luxurious for yourself every day while planning your wedding. (I know you're busy, but you can do it! You're worth it.) It can be as simple as keeping aromatherapy candles on hand so you can light one or two and make whatever tasks you're doing -- cleaning house or writing thank you notes or looking at magazines -- a more pleasurable experience with natural fragrances "wafting" about! (It's amazing how something so simple can make such a difference in your well-being.)

Then, when you have some alone private time, take a relaxing bath with calming, fragrant essential oils and herbal bath salts. Light an aromatherapy candle in a favorite scent (or use an essential oil diffuser -- they're a dream!), then close your eyes and take deeeep, slow breaths while you enjoy wherever the soothing quiet takes you.

But you don't have time for a soaking bath and need to get energized fast? For a fragrant, quick pick-me-up anytime of day, spritz rosewater facial mist on your face for a revitalizing refreshment.

There you have it! You can go scent, soak, and spritz away and bring aromatherapy into your wedding planning time for moments of scented pleasure -- whether you need to relax or revitalize. (Plus, it's great practice for taking care of yourself "after the wedding" when you get back to "regular life"!)

Love. Listen. Let go.
...with love from Cornelia

ps: Stay tuned for more next week in the "brides, weddings, and aromatherapy" series.

[Photograph: April Groom]

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