November 3, 2010

{Fragrance & Brides}

Dear Bride-to-Be: We all love the subtle fragrances of flowers and the dreamy places their romantic scents seem to take us, yes? Today I’m beginning a series on “brides, weddings, and aromatherapy.” The posts will be full of tips and ideas for being the calm, beautiful, sensuous, and naturally fragrant bride you want to be!

Did you know that fragrance can affect your emotions? Since brides are in the middle of an emotional journey of life adjustment and decision making, inner growth and self-discovery, the right fragrance can help soothe the way to the wedding. Aromatherapists have long suggested using essential oils to treat stress, so what fragrance should a bride wear on her wedding day to feel beautiful and at ease?

“I would recommend citrus and white flowers,” says Eleanor Athens, a pioneer in the world of scents and essential oils. “Fresh citrus scents lower stress levels, and the aroma of tropical blossoms such as jasmine and ylang is both relaxing and euphoric; just how you want to feel on your wedding day.”

Mmmmm....euphoric and relaxing...what an irresistible combination! My friends at Mountain Rose Herbs can assist you with the purest of essential oils (nothing artificial for you!)...and taking some slow, thoughtful breaths deep into your heart will assist you in easing the stress of wedding planning.

Love. Listen. Let go.
...with love from Cornelia

ps: More to come on fragrance and your wedding in my next post...every Wednesday!
pps: My book, The Bride's Ritual Guide: Look Inside To Find Yourself, has more ideas for using essential oils for your lots more tips for your inner & outer beauty! Do you have your copy yet? 

[Photograph: Laura Heffington]

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